About Katy Mattingly

“I was sexually assaulted when I was a teenager, and like most victims I didn’t fight back. No one had ever taught me how to protect myself, and I believed the myth that I’d be hurt worse if I tried to defend myself. Years later I was trained in self-defense by professionals, and the knowledge that I could physically stop someone who was trying to hurt me changed my life. The sense of freedom, liberation, and safety was incredible! I want everyone to have access to that same feeling of safety.

“I wrote Self-Defense: Steps to Survival to share Real Skills with Real People. We need techniques that are practical and easy to learn. Real self-defense means physical, verbal, and psychological techniques you can use to prevent attacks or stop attacks against you or your loved ones. No matter what size, age, or ability you are.

Katy Mattingly was the director and lead instructor at Washtenaw Area Model Mugging (WAMM) Self-Defense in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from 1996-2005. She was trained in the IMPACT system of self-defense, which emphasizes physical and emotional realism, full-force practice against padded instructors, and individualized instruction.

Mattingly has been teaching realistic and effective self-defense and personal safety for more than 15 years in a variety of venues, including corporations, universities, youth and community centers, and domestic violence shelters.

She is a freelance writer and speaker, and teaches community workshops about self-defense and personal safety, recovery from violence, and safety on college campuses.

To contact Mattingly for speaking engagements you can email your inquiry.

Please note that Mattingly is not available for personal consultation regarding safety concerns. If you or someone you care about is at risk, please use the links to national support organizations for victims and survivors.